Painting Front Door Question?

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ilovemarkb | 17:43 Wed 03rd Jun 2020 | Home & Garden
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Our front door looks like its made of wood but its actually metal. We wanted a black matt finish so used Rust Oleum Universal Metal And All Surface paint. We cleaned the door with sugar soap prior to painting. The finished door is quite streaky and needs completely redoing just not sure what type of paint to buy to get a better finish. Don,t really like glossy paint but would be happy with a satin finish. Also not sure how to prepare the door....or can we just paint over whats already on??? Thanks in anticipation


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Look for Bedec...they do a satin finish in their multi surface range.
Did you use Rustoleum Primer before you applied the Universal Metal and All Surface paint?
And what did you use to apply it?
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no primer used. hubby bought a no hair loss paint brush. thought this would be straight not quite
Will the streaky coat not have acted as a primer now? Would a second coat work as a good finish?
Did you give it a really good stir before using it?
This paint settles out when stored. Perhaps that?

Anyway, I would just give it another coat.

Maybe Homer (alavahalf) might come along. He'll know more than me.
Question Author
ill check withh hubby if he gave it a good stir. It had fab reviews too. Look foreward to homers reply Thanks guys

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Painting Front Door Question?

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