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ukanonymous | 15:53 Mon 01st Jun 2020 | Home & Garden
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Hi All we decided to put our drive on hold until Winter as we cant get the goods delivered till then (typical France or maybe the covid this time). Anyway in the mean time we were thinking about extending our back deck area. We want to put a permanent dome on there to gaze up into the stars at night. However this will take some immense structural wood I guess.

It will need to go out 3M - 4M . What size wood will we need, How do we connect the wood to each other and how to connect the wood to the ground please? Here is a photo


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Have you considered buying a dome already made?
All depends on weight of the material that will be held by the wooden frame.I would suggest ground screws. Not sure that's the techie name.They are steel screws which are used to support portakabins etc.The wooden frame is joined to them. You could use large coach screws to join the wood on your frame. Best wait for The Builder to see your post. He knows what he is talking about.
Right... questions...
I guess you want to build a normal horizontal deck out over the sloping bit of the garden?
Then put a domed structure on to the deck?
If so, then, will it be a normal structure that you can sit in, but with a domed roof?
It's not clear from your post.

I thought I'd better ask first, before I start rattling on ;o)
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Ok we going to buy a dome like here

So we need the deck to go out over the slope. Then we sit the dome in top of it. We just need to know how to build the wooden deck. Ground screws look good tha sk
I think you need to find out the weight of the dome, which will be supported by the deck; might be tricky to know what's safe without an engineer's report. Bon courage.
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It qont weigh more than 200kg that's for sure.
Only 200kg? That's good. Not much at all for an imposed load.

The last time I did a deck very similar to this, it was a steel structure designed by a Structural Engineer, and made up by a local Steel Fabricator.
All pretty easy, just bolt everything together.
Since the imposed load is so low, I would approach a Fabricator and ask them to draw something up. It hardly needs an Engineer.
The steel sections would be small enough for you to handle and assemble.
It would be simply a square/rectangular frame with crossmembers .
On top, you could then set ordinary timber joists, which would carry the timber deck in the usual way.
The frame would be carried on "legs". Very short ones at the top, longer ones at halfway (2metres), then the longest at the furthest point (4 metres.)
Usually called "stanchions", these legs would be bolted to a concrete pad maybe 300mm x 300mm. These pads would extend down into the ground rather like a normal concrete foundation.
Retros's "ground screws" are better suited to level ground in my opinion. Here, you need something that will resist forces trying to make the whole structure slide down the hill ;o)

Foundation depth depends on the ground quality. Usually one metre would do. With hard ground, maybe a bit less.
Oh, and the steels would need to be galvanised. No problem for the fabricator to arrange that before he delivers to you.

Or, as you say, you could make the whole thing yourself, in timber.
If you would prefer timber, let me know the approx. overall length of the deck. I know it goes out 4 metres, but I need the length.
Have a think ;o)

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