How Do These Fittings Work

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ukanonymous | 10:27 Thu 28th May 2020 | Home & Garden
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Hi Peeps please can you tedll me how this works? I get its a reducer from 3/4 to 1/2 BUT when I want something to screw on for example the 1/2 inch side what do I look for? Are ther like male/ female screw parts always the same size?


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Plastic or metal?
Your link doesn’t work
I cnnot see what you are trying to show but the answer is almost certainly yes and available from Screwfix.
The actual catalogue is more useful than the on line search.
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I'm not clear what you're trying to do UK.
From your picture, do you want to connect into the lever tap on the right hand edge of the picture?

If so, then you just need a 1/2 inch "male iron". That is, assuming that the bit we can't see is a "female collar".

Tell us what you want to do :o)
If as photo your using a 3/4x1/2 reducing “ socket “ galvanised. The item you want as per the photo is a 1/2” MI x 1/2” MI Male iron x male iron.“ barrel nipple “ or a basic “ nipple “ both will do. Seal each thread with 5-6 complete turns of PTFE.
Threads are more often than not BSP thread. If connecting a tap or valve you’ll need one with at least a 1/2” FI “female iron” on one end.

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How Do These Fittings Work

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