Immersion Heater / Timer Problems?

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barry1010 | 10:11 Sat 23rd May 2020 | Home & Garden
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I use an immersion heater for hot water during the summer. This is operated by a manual timer that I have set for one hour during the night. The water gets very hot, hot enough to scald and to make the tap spout too hot to handle.

I am thinking I have a problem because the water is just as hot during the evening as it is during the day. We use very little hot water and the tank is insulated but surely drawing even a small amount of hot water in the day should cool the water by evening,

I am not able to adjust the temperature of the immersion heater but I do believe it has a thermostat so should turn itself off if the water reaches a certain point.

I have checked the settings on the timer several times. It is showing the correct time, it is set to come on at 2am and turn off at 3am. When I check during the day it does indicate that the immersion is off.

What sort of tests, checks can I do to make sure everything is working correctly?


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I'm assuming you have an ordinary hot water cylinder with an immersion element fitted?

Take the cover off the immersion heater to get at the thermostat.
You'll see a dial with a pointer showing the set temperature.

Turn it down to decrease the temp.
You can always come back to it for another go if you aren't happy with the setting.
Nothing to do with the time controller settings. :o)
Or just put it on for half an hour instead of an hour?
"hot enough to scald".....presumably thermostat is set way too high, or isn't working at all?
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Thanks all.
You draw off hot water from the top of the cylinder and replenish it from the bottom. If you only use small amounts it's possible that the cold and hot do not mix so the water will remain hot for use.
Also the thermostat that's on the immersion tank is normally held in place by a metal strap, this keeps it firmly tight against the copper tank so that the sensor detects the heat given off. Sometimes these straps become loose, or get knocked, and the thermostat hangs away and doesn't detect the right heat level.
The thermostat that's attached to the tank is the CH thermostat and nothing to do with the immersion heater.
^^ See builder @13.08
teacake44 - The Builder @13.08 described removing the immersion heater cover (on the top of the cylinder) to access its thermostat.

The thermostat attached by metal straps to the exterior bottom of the storage cylinder controls the boiler.
People who prise the metal strap away from the tank .. so as to have somewhere to hang their wet pants on, cause it to come loose !

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Immersion Heater / Timer Problems?

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