My Central Heating Was Not Working So I Phoned The Firm That Installed It Although It Was Only 2 Years Old

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gollob | 18:29 Fri 22nd May 2020 | Home & Garden
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They said they could come out next week and the call out charge was £85.00 So I agreed. Then they said the next day our engineer was in the next road to you and could call to sort out the problem. I agreed and their man came and immediately said you need a new battery which he fitted and everything worked except the radiator in the main bedroom. so in five minutes he was gone and I was sent a bill for £85.00 which I refused to pay. Was I right not to pay that amount


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You agreed to the man coming to your house so did you not enter into a contract?
nope. They told you what the call out charge was and you agreed to it.
You're also paying for his expertise, Gollob. And weren't you lucky that he could come to fix it so quickly. Did you ask him about the bedroom radiator and if so what was his explanation? So with what you've said so far I'm of a mind that you should pay.
It doesn't matter how little or how much work was required...the call-out charge covers just visiting the property and you agreed to it.
What makes you think you shouldn't now pay?
(And, if you have problems in the future I wouldn't call them- they'll likely refuse to come.)
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but then when he left my central heating was not working properly and till this day it still does not
Have you tried bleeding the radiator?
You called him out for the boiler which was working when he left
To paraphrase an old story :

"To supplying and fitting battery - £10

To visiting property, diagnosing problem and knowing how to fit battery - £75"
You did well, they didn't charge for the battery. (Or should that read 'minimum' call out charge?)

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My Central Heating Was Not Working So I Phoned The Firm That Installed It Although It Was Only 2 Years Old

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