Getting Rid Of Wooden Fence Slats

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Vagus | 17:55 Thu 14th May 2020 | Home & Garden
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We had a garden company round earlier, after speaking to them on the phone, who said no job too big or small, regarding taking any garden stuff away, including fencing.
The chap then gave me a quote of £400 for effectively removing 15 6ft by 6ft fencing panels, and some shrub bits...£400!!!!!
This company had put a flier through the door so we thought they wanted the business. At that sort of price I’m not surprised they want business.
When we said words to the effect of ‘gosh, that’s a bit pricey’, he said well if the ‘farmer’ will take it I could do it for £250.
Reasonable price or a bit of a rip off??
We said no to both prices.


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Unsurprised. Recently I asked a company to replace a wooden fencepost, that had failed, with a concrete replacement. They wouldn't come out to look and I had to send photos. They got back with a quote of £894 ! I assumed it was their was of telling me to go away.
They sound a bit like the father & son team who trim my hedges (so the council don't keep sending me those nasty letters about it obstructing the footpath) every now and then. They always start out by suggesting a ridiculous figure and we then spend a bit of time working down from there. After they've done the main job (admittedly always in a first class manner), they're always quick to spot something else that 'needs doing' and we start haggling all over again. Sometimes, after they've gone, I get annoyed with myself for not holding out for longer (e.g. when I realise that I've paid £100 for 15 minutes work) but at other times I feel quite proud of myself for knocking them down to a really low price. (They suggested over a hundred quid for a 'little extra job' recently and I got them down to £40 for something that ended up taking them a lot longer than I think they thought it would!). I quite enjoy the challenge of dealing with them!

Give this firm a try though:
They use licensed waste carriers all over the country, offering a variety of services (such as 'man with a van' and skip hire) to meet different needs. They're well-established and generally well-reviewed (although, like any firm that outsources work - such as courier companies - there are always a few dissatified customers).
I hope by the 'farmer' he didnt mean he was going to dump it on his land therefore saving money for him not paying fees to official waste site, it could be big trouble for you if it was traced back.
Hope you told him to do one.
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That was our thought too Darcey, which is why we said thanks but no thanks.
The wood is all stacked neatly and not in the way at all so we’re going to take it to the tip eventually, even if it takes a quite a few trips.
The shrub stuff is going to be chopped up and will eventually be got rid of in the garden waste bin as collections of that is starting again mid June.
Thanks for the responses.
This has made me realise how lucky we are with the man we found, he replaced all fencing from front right through to bottom of back garden. Also changed posts to concrete, and gravel boards, for £2000. We had him back to to cut our very large hedges back and front, quoted us £200, when he finished he insisted on us finding him some more work as that was his daily rate.
One of the fence posts started leaning in high winds this winter, he returned, telling us we weren't the only ones and he would not be using the new post cement recommended by the builders any more. Refused to charge us, as his wife had just had a premature baby Mr U insisted on giving him £50.
Well if it makes you feel any better we payed 2500 Euros for 3 hours work once for trimmiong some trees. They are a bunch of talented Wealth transfererd

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Getting Rid Of Wooden Fence Slats

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