Vegetables In A Small Garden

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Atheist | 10:51 Sun 03rd May 2020 | Home & Garden
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Tiny garden about 7m by 5m, already inhabited by a shed, some raspberries and shrubs and a gravel patch. I'm planning climbing French beans, cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets, a courgette in a plastic container about 60cm by 40cm by 30cm deep. Any good ideas for things that don't take up too much space?


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You could sow some "cut and come again" baby salad leaves, they don't take up much space.
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Thanks, Chip. I've got some growing and some new seeds in; all in a container. It works very well.
Potatoes in compost bags dont take up anywhere near as much space as they would in the ground. Plus they always come out in better condition. Black bags only otherwise you will get green spuds.
Pots and containers for carrots and most herbs. A frame for your french beans, with canes tied on. Dwarf french produce more then their climbing counterpart.
Tomatoes should already be in the ground or basket, if you are starting them from seed, you are getting a bit late. For me there is one favourite for container growing, that is Maskotka, I put in about 40 plants yesterday. They never fail. Mini belle is another good one, both are small and produce loads of fruit.

On youtube their is tons of info on ' Container gardening in a small spaces'..
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Thanks Alava. I think it's a bit early to plant tomatoes outdoors; I would usually put them out after frost dates of about the end of May. I thought the climbing French would take up less ground than the dwarfs. Maskotka is a tomato? What on earth do you do with 40 plants?!We've always done well with cherry toms in France, but I do love the bigger ones; cherries are probably a better bet here though.
We have cut back this year with just 40 .. when frozen they will keep us going right through until next summer.
We are on the south coast and have an earlier start than the most of the country when it comes to planting outside (fingers crossed).
One dwarf french bean without a doubt will produce more beans than a single climber. I have had plenty space to grow them, but having grown both varieties for a number of years, I have opted for the dwarf variety due to the sheer amount they produce.
Maskotka is a small shrub type tomato suitable for outdoors that is blight resistant. We suffer with blight, as it as blight transfers across from potatoes quite readily. Every plot holder grows potatoes, so we can't avoid it.
In France surely you are way ahead of us with the growing season.
My brother in law lives near Le Mans and he sends us pictures of what he has grown and he is at least 3-4 weeks ahead of us.
If you want some large toms .. last year I grew some Cour De Bois toms, they averaged around 300gms each. The only problem was they broke the canes and string supporting them. Amazing for breakfasts and steak meals !

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Vegetables In A Small Garden

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