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wiltsman | 11:42 Sun 03rd May 2020 | Home & Garden
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I'ved moved away from home during this Covid 19 crisis. Back home my very good neighbour has been keeping an eye on my bungalow, even mowing my lawn and tending my flower border.

I would like to send her flowers as a small thank you. Is there anyone out there in AB land that could recommend a flower delivery service? The more I read reviews, the more I get confused! Thank you if you can help me.


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I use a company called Bunches. Very reliable and the flowers are lovely. You can add a card or chocolate if you wish.
Just look for websites of florists in their area.
I have often used M and S without problems. Once one arrived damaged. Replaced immediately. Used over Easter this year. No problems
I've recently had some lovely flowers delivered from Bloom & Wild. I also ordered some from Serenata flowers a few months ago. They delivered fine and there were no issues although I wasn't that impressed with what I received (a bouquet to be given at a work do). I still use Interflora too. I think they re all generally OK.
Oh yes, M&S and Next too.
I would highly recommend Moonpig for cards, flowers and other lovely gifts. Dave and I use them frequently since leaving the UK and receive glowing reports from recipients.
I have used Interflora in the past and found them vary good.
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Thanks for your replies. Nice to see no negative reviews.
I used Bunches on 28 March for a Golden Wedding , they were sent by first class post and my friends were really delighted
I used M & S for a flower delivery yesterday for my SIL 70th birthday. She phoned and said that they were perfect and sent photo for me to see. They were delivered by Yodel who kept me informed all the way through to delivery. I would definitely use them again
bloom and wild for me too. They do letterbox flowers (not that anyone is out at the moment of course)
Marks is good....Plants for Presents if you want to push the boat out
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Thanks again everyone. Will now see what these companies offer and make my mind up. Cheers!
She's probably picking all the flowers she wants from your border!
Seriously....I've found that the best value/flowers are from a local florist....can you ring one near your home - they'll be glad of the order.
I'm surprised that nobody has yet mentioned that
(a) all local florists are currently closed (other than as below) ; and
(b) nearly all delivery services, such as Interflora, use those same local florists to supply and deliver their flowers.

So you're going to find it very hard to get anyone to provide the service that you're seeking.

However a few florists are continuing to accept orders placed through Interflora (et al) but that will depend upon their individual trading models. For example a florist's shop that normally takes lots of orders through Interflora every day might find it worthwhile to continue to handle such orders at the present time, whereas a shop that only gets business in such a way once a week almost certainly won't bother to continue accepting orders.

Those florists shops which are accepting orders through Interflora at the moment are only doing so on the basis that they're given free choice as to what to include in the delivery:
(i.e. you can't insist upon any particular type of flowers being included).

Further, as only a minority of florists are providing the service, you might find that there's no coverage in the area you require. (I've just entered my own postcode, here in Suffolk, and there are no deliveries available in my small town. Further, I've just tried a postcode for the county town of Ipswich and, again there are no deliveries in that area. However a Sheffield postcode does come up trumps).

So you could find yourself struggling to find a company to meet your needs. Sorry!
M and S delivering most of what is on their website as of end of April
I agree with the ones who say M & S. Always good.
Well as I said I got a delivery from Bloom & Wild day before yesterday. It was a lovely unexpected surprise from my daughter who's in lockdown with her boyfriend and his mother because the internet speed is far better for working from home than in their own home.
I recently won some flowers from Freddie's Flowers and my Mum was over the moon with them!
Despite Chris's assertions above, I pass a florist on my daily walk...they are open for telephone orders and delivery, but not for personal shoppers.
(I have no idea where the flowers are coming from!)

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