House Numbers For Plasticky Door

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TheDevil | 14:46 Tue 14th Apr 2020 | Home & Garden
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Looking for recommendations for house numbers to put on a plastic type door


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Google wheely bin numbers
For something a bit different I like these.
Question Author
Wheely bin numbers are an idea but they look a bit tacky.

Seems an adhesive number is the best option
I have some stick on numbers from B +Q but i much prefer the ones mamy suggested, might get those!
Poundland do numbers and they don't look tacky.
They are nice Darcey, yes and also self adhesive.
'6' is good.
Or '94'.
How about '135' ?
//House Numbers For Plasticky Door//

Lol And you think the wheelie bin numbers are tacky?
Down here, where I live, any thing described as plasticky is regarded as tacky. Thought the numbers would be a good match. :-)
And any type of adhesive numbers would be somewhat tacky wouldn't they:)
I presume you meant uPVC The Devil.

Hope you find something nice.
Lol at sanmac. It's a sticky problem innit? :-)
Anyway, being serious, for a plasticky door you must have numerals hand-carved from good English oak and meticulously afastened to the plasticky door with hand-forged domed black iron nails.

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House Numbers For Plasticky Door

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