Planting Tall Perennials

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sandyRoe | 14:10 Sat 04th Apr 2020 | Home & Garden
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Do you just rake the soil over, sprinkle the seeds and water them in?


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I'm not a gardener but thought you first sowed them in a tray to germinate before planting out Sandy.
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Thank you, Mamyalynne.
I've got the packet of seeds. All I need to find now is the seed trays and potting compost.
Great, happy planting.
What are you planting, Sandy?
A lot depends on what they are Sandy. Rudbeckia(Black Eyed Susy), for instance is easy. Some of them do thrive better if brought on in a greenhouse or cold frame and then planted out. Mind you.....if you are still in Spain and thinking of a bit of a plot out there then warmth may not be an issue for you. You may though need to ensure that the soil is not too dry or stony, and gets plenty of moisture.

""And some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth; and immediately it sprang up, because it had no depth of earth:""
Hey, Togo, I have planted my nasturtium seeds. :-)
Nice one Tills...I hope they do well for you. Do not feed or give fertiliser to them. Not too wet before germination and first growth but water and dead head every day when they are up and flowering. Any that seed before you dead the seeds . You can scatter them or save them for next year. They look like little mini pumpkins.
(sorry Sandy. Didn't mean to divert)
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Togo, all good information.
The seed packet has writing in French. Included in it are:d'Achille Millefeuille Gypsophile, Chrysantheme, Lin, Eillet, Campanule, et bien de autres...
Now the Acille(Yarrow) I would be starting under glass or in a propegator because we do not get the warmth until June Or July some years. Likewise the Campanela, the seeds are so tiny that they can be blown away outside. If you are in Spain Sandy can you make a temporary frame directly on the ground and cover it with polythene or polycarbonate or something similar?

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Planting Tall Perennials

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