Another One For The Tilers.

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needawin | 20:40 Tue 10th Mar 2020 | Home & Garden
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I have just removed the tiles from a concrete floor.
underneath are the ridges of the 'adhesive'. Ridges that are as hard as iron. what tools ar best for removing then. Spade or something maybe?


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A couple of answers earlier mentioned an angle grinder, probably your best bet.
There exist machines that are in effect like angle grinders with a "cup" fitted, the cups having ridges on them. Crucially, one uses an industrial vacuum cleaner with the end of the hose connected to the grinder - almost all the dust is sucked away (otherwise you fill the house with dust). Other methods are a light year or two away by comparison of effectiveness and/or effort. Maybe you can hire one of these from a tool rental business near you.
Spade..then bolster chisel..then grinder...then floor levelling compound. Bet you wished you had listened to The Builder now..dont you.:-)
Usually, such glue is removed with a punch with a special nozzle, but to lay a new tile, you need to know how to set the levels, you will learn about such tools from the blog, which details everything you need to know about tile laying.

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Another One For The Tilers.

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