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newbie99 | 23:34 Fri 20th Dec 2019 | Home & Garden
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Had anyone bought and fitted their kitchen units?
I am not sure how it work in terms of installation, plumbing, tiling etc.
Do they just sell the units and I had to find the workmen to do the fitting?
Any suggestions are welcome.
I also have a problem, as the kitchen have double glazing windows and need to be replaced and I am not sure which way round I should do things. There are currently some tiles around the windows.


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Homebase provide a free consultation service to help you design your kitchen. When you buy the units, they're delivered for £20. You can either employ your own fitters (or even do the job yourself, if you're feeling brave enough) or use the services of Homeprojects. They work in partnership with Homebase but your contract is directly with Homeprojects and not with Homebase:

I'd get the windows sorted out first though as it seems more logical to me.
1st thing to do is get new window fitted, use a FENSA registered company. Then you need to get your kitchen designed unless you know exactly what you want, most outlets (sheds) will have in store "designers" to draw you up a plan if you take a rough sketch showing overall size of your kitchen showing dimensions and openings doors & windows. They also normally have their own sub contracted installation teams if you want them to install. Alternatively some will do a home visit to do all the measuring up.
forgot to add fensa link
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Many thanks for all the replies and advises. Will get the windows done first then.
But do I remove the surrounding tiles before they fit the windows? Or remove the tiles when the new kitchen is fitted?
Take the tiles off first .. then prepare the walls .. when the windows are fitted it will be easier to finish off up to the new frame, whether you replace the tiles, paper or paint it .. it is always easier to have a nice clean edge to work towards (the new window frame).
You will need to remove tiles before new windows are fitted or let window installers remove what they need to. How old is your house? It will look a mess to begin with but "you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs"

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Homebase Kitchen Units

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