Little black beetle like bugs!! Urghh!

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pinkiefriend | 14:51 Fri 18th Nov 2005 | Home & Garden
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I have these little black beetle like bugs in my house. I am convinced they are coming from damp but I would really love to know how to get rid of them. Any Ideas. I'm staying in this weekend in the hope of ridding them from my house. Would love some assistance!


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We need a bit more info really.... do they look like tiny black/brown ladybirds? They could be carpet beetles. Try googling & if you do a search for them in this category too you should find lots of help. Sorry I can't be much help at this point!
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They are carpet beetles. I have just found out on the internet. Thanks for your help.
You're welcome pinkiefriend - don't worry, I get a few from time to time, apparently they're becoming more common. Just a tip - check under the bed, & cupboards etc for tissues that may have fallen there... they love soft tissue.

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Little black beetle like bugs!! Urghh!

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