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zabado | 16:48 Thu 04th Jul 2019 | Home & Garden
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Iv'e grown different types of chillies and this year I thought I'd have a change and grow some chocolate naga and carolina reaper's. The plant's have grown well, look healthy and are now producing plenty of chillies. The problem is they're the same shape as other chillies I've grown in the past. ( jalapeno & cayenne ) Are they meant to look like that then change shape as they get older or have I been sold the wrong chilli seeds ?. I've also tasted one of the chillies that's about four inch long and it tastes of nothing (no heat at all).
Thanks for any reply.


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where did you get the seeds/plants? Maybe a message to the seller/producer?
You may well have got some rogue seeds such as sweet chilli peppers in amongst your plants. These would normally be sweet .. rather than hot.
It sounds as though you were sold the wrong seeds. I had never heard of a Carolina Reaper, had to google it to have a look. Wow! The hottest pepper in the world. As the site I looked at said "Oddly enough this pepper doesn’t just have heat, but excellent fruity flavor to boot. Well, that is before it melts your face off!" I'm not sure I could cope with that amount of heat. I grew Krakatoa peppers last year, that was enough heat for me, plus it was an attractive plant.

I have gown many but the Carolina is a new one to me.

I've grown the Dorset Naga and this year go standard Naga. I find Naga's dont fruit so well as some of the others and are a totally different shape to the other peppers like Jalapeno or Ring of Fire.

Looks like you have a duff packet of seeds :-(
I'll just go for 'Scotch Bonnets'. You can't mistake their shape and we know the Scoville rating. A lot of other varieties look the same to me and I could inadvertently be playing with fire. :-)
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Well after reading all your replies I've come to the conclusion I've been sold something I didn't order. I bought them on Ebay from a seed company who had excellent feed back and great reviews. I suppose you pay your money and take your chance, never mind eh ! Thanks for all the replies.

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