I Moved To Eon Last Year After Being With Npower

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tamaris | 13:47 Wed 26th Jun 2019 | Home & Garden
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It seemed the best option with the £140 warm home ? refund with my benefits.
I find they have been massively overcharging me monthly. I live alone and my only vice is tv really. I use gas sparingly in the winter. It's a one bed flat has central heating and all else on electric. I rarely use lights as I have bright street lights coming threw my windows. I have looked at utility sites online but I am totally confused at which to use. Can anyone help p!ease ?


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Ive found one !!
Rather than change, why not ask them to refund the overpayment and reduce your monthly payment accordingly?
I was with Eon, but their prices increased so dramatically I went on USwitch and got an excellent deal with EDF and they handled the switch. You need to look at your bills to see how much gas and electricity you use in a year, then you can get accurate quotes. People on here will probably tell you which are good companies to be with, so you can do your comparisons with them.
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Thanks all
Tamaris I live in the same sized property as you and I pay £34/month by DD for both gas and electricity. Does that compare favourably with what you pay?
I don't know anything about Warm Front that you mention.
When you say they have been 'overcharging' you, do you mean they have overestimate dyour readings or used too high a tariff? If the former then you should contact them and ensure you submit regular readings in future, whichever supplier you are with.
The process is still flawed in that comparison sites overstate savings (in that they assume you'll move onto a higher variable tariff if you stay); and renewal notices are deliberately misleading. Mine from Together Energy showed my unit prices going up by around 15% but they claimed my bills wouldn't change- but on closer nspection they had used actual usage for the previous year and then used 'a typical customer's usage' for the projected new cost. I switched to someone with lower rates.
I have spreadsheets showing monthly readings, daily costs, dual fuel discounts etc, and I am pretty numerate, but i still find the comparison process difficult each year because of the different ways they show figures (eg some with VAT, some net of VAT)
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I'm paying £40 a month and they wanted £50 plus. I had a job to get it lowered. It is now £80 plus in credit
I'm with Ebico if that helps.
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Best I could find is green network energy.
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Thirty pound each if I recommend a friend as well.
You can ask for your meter to be checked to see if it's working correctly. If it is I think you will be liable for test charge.
I’m with Eon and have a fixed contract for one year so they can’t increase their charges during that time. I’ve been with them for 5 years now and been really pleased with how much I pay. I’ve got a two bedroomed bungalow and pay £55 every month. I do like to be warm!
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I saw the octopus averting but it wasn't the best for me.
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£83.92 octopus wanted a month off me
I'm with Symbio for electric - no mains gas here.

When I compare I look at the standing charge and kWh hour rate. I only look at Fixed tarrifs.

To get a quick idea of cost pick a figure for your daily use eg. 10kWh and use that to work it out


12.5p per kWh x 10 + 25p standing charge = £1.50

13p x 10 + 31 = £1.61 per day

Prices quoted on these sites may or may not include the 5% VAT, so remember to account for that when comparing.
I pay £60 each month for gas and electricity all through the year for 3 bedroom old property with solid walls (i.e. No cavity) We are £800 in front but also have propane heater.
I'm with Eon.

I agree they tend to set the DD high in their favour.

However on their website you can adjust it yourself to the level you want.

Bear in mind though that it is normal to be in credit in the summer. That's the way it works with fixed payments - you build a credit at low usage times, to avoid bill shocks after a cold winter.
I chose not to pay a daily rate at all but a slightly higher charge for what I use. It's the recommended thing to do with a small property. Can't remember why now.
I have just gone on go compare (thanks x) and much reduced the bills from npower, by moving to edf.

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I Moved To Eon Last Year After Being With Npower

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