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Giggsie | 20:12 Sat 15th Jun 2019 | Home & Garden
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Gardeners big argument next door many plants do you put maximum in a 12 “ basket or tub. He must have at least 15 plants in me far far too much. He says will have better baskets ....don’t think so. What do you think?


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I was always advised 1 per inch, so 12 should be enough.
I would have about 7 usually
I got a couple from Aldi this year, so stuffed that it's hard to water them, it just pours off the surface and they need to be dunked for a good soaking.
No depending on plants they will get root bound and not be able to take up water or any liquid feed. For a 12" basket maybe between 6 to 10 depending on plants.
For some bizarre reason I have read that whatever you have it must be an odd number
I'd probably put 7 or 9 in a tub that size.
1,3,5 or 7.

Never 2,4,6,8. Never too late!
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I put 4 round top plus begonia or fuschia in the middle also put lobelia (4) through holes in the side and have lovely baskets. Thank you all will let him see this.
Prudie if you are putting plants in garden then yes always odd numbers 3,5,7 etc. If you you put in even number it always looks to regimented odd numbers look more natural
Depends what the plants are. I f you are putting in say trailing lobelia all round the outside then you just put in enough to comfortably fill in the middle space. water ever day and then your plants will happily trail over the edge of the basket.
Does it matter. Whatever turns the basket creator on.

Try a trial of 16 baskets from 5 to 20 plants, tell us which turns out best.
OG I will be planting up a lot of hanging baskets this week ok dont think I follow your advice?
My comment was about planting in borders.
I follow the general rule of planting bedding plants at a trowel length apart, its amazing how well they fill out once they get going!.
Hanging baskets, you can plant a little closer, for a more fuller/instant effect. For that size of basket, I would think five plants would be plenty especially if they are the trailing type. plant them like the spots on a dice, with perhaps a taller plant in the middle.
Keeping the baskets, well watered, I find is the biggest challenge!.

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