Replacement Garden Parasol Pole

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Smowball | 23:24 Sat 01st Jun 2019 | Home & Garden
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Sorry for late post but been so busy. I have a lovely red garden parasol but the wooden pole has warped. I have looked online but it seems that I cannot buy this pole separately - I need to buy it with a parasol. Surely this can’t be right. Any help most gratefully received. It’s a standard wooden pole which stands in a cast iron base.


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Did you forget to put double quotation marks around "parasol pole" when you googled? I included them and the very first (ad) link goes here:
Could you not fashion a replacement pole from a broom stick or similar?
They have replacement parasol poles at B&Q, Smow. See if they are any good to you.
Snap, Chris.
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How odd!
The one I have is pretty thick tho. (Should have measured it)
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Hang on I can measure it now, it’s right by back door lol
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The pole is 4 Cm diameter
Are there dowel rods of the right diameter and length that would suit.
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Replacement Garden Parasol Pole

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