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Tilly2 | 19:57 Thu 30th May 2019 | Home & Garden
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1. Does anyone have any Borage in their garden?
2. If I make up a very weak solution of Jeyes fluid and water, will it kill the blackfly infesting my foxgloves and/or will it kill the foxgloves?


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Hi Tilly,

1. no not me.

2. I would opt for a weak washing up liquid, personally.
Don't use jeyes fluid for stuff like that, it kills more than blackfly. Spray with soapy water. I have had borage but can't get it to seed. Trying again this year.
1. Yes I have borage.
2. Jeyes fluid is a no no - it will kill the foxgloves. Dilute washing up liquid on the blackflies.
I'd try hosing them off, not with the jet setting but reasonably powerful spray that will Not damage the plants.
cool teapot Maydup
Add some white wine vinegar to the washing up liquid and water. That got rid of the greenflies, might just work for blackflies.
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Thank you for the answers. I'll try all the suggestions, starting with the Coke. That's intrigued me,I want to know if it works.

I have some borage growing in a pot and just wanted to know whether to keep it in the pot or plant it in the garden. Does it spread everywhere t
like mint? Does it need to be contained?
Borage doesn't spread, but it does self seed. Gorrit on my allotment and I leave it as it's good for the bees.
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Thanks, Melv. I love the colour of the flowers. I'll put it in the garden and see what happens.
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Woofy, why can't you get yours to seed? Do you not have flowers?
Tilly it sets seed but the seed doesn’t grow. My soil is quite heavy and either rock hard bone dry or a swamp, both wrong conditions
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Have you tried growing them in a pot, Woof?
My borage was given to me by a relative. She just dug a bit of hers up and put it in a pot and brought it down when she visited, recently. I have not tried growing it from seed.
yes mine is fine in a pot but I'd like it to spread round the garden
Btw, you can put borage in salads.
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Melv, borage leaves are hairy. I don't think I could eat them in a salad.
You're far too fussy, Tilly. It tastes like cucumber, apparently.

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