Selling A House.

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sandyRoe | 14:53 Fri 17th May 2019 | Home & Garden
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I've been thinking of selling my house in Belfast and moving to Spain.
What should I do with all the stuff I've accumulated over the years? Would it cost more to transport it than to buy replacements?


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Depends what volume and value (sentimental / financial) the 'stuff' has.
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I know the stuff I value, old family photographs, would fit into a small biscuit box.
The rest of the furnishings probably cost some thousands to buy but what would they be worth second hand?
It might be best to offer the contents to a charity shop and skip what they don't want.
Indeed, Sandy. We've just moved house and filled a large (largest available) builders skip and a small one plus 3 trips to the local tip with my estate car crammed with rubbish. You have to be ruthless.

“If you aren't happy for what you already have then what makes you think you will be happy with more.”
If the furniture etc is of no sentimental value just ditch it.

I take it that you have worked out the financial side of it.

If you have anything like postcards, stamps and odds and *** of paperwork please remember me - our little Oxfam shop would love you forever if you sent them to us.

We sell books and music and need donations of same, but it would cost a bomb to post to Scotland.
I would dump too and take the sentimental stuff. You will easily get replacements in Spain.

I have found that when I tried to sell "new" stuff - I got no reply. So am waiting for the charity shop to pick it up.

Good luck Sandy with your new venture and I hope you are very happy.
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If I had anything that your shop could sell I'd gladly send it to you whatever the postage. But I've nothing that would be of interest to collectors.
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Thank you for you good wishes.
Belfast winters are too cold for me now
Only keep the sentimental things. There is a huge range of furniture here, and ofcourse IKEA, it's lovely to re decorate and get new if you can afford it. I imagine shipping would be quite expensive. Actually, you should be ruthless with your sentimental stuff., we have just downsized and got rid of boxes and boxes of stuff that we will never miss. Hope it works out for you, watch out for cowboy British Real Estate agents, stay with Spanish and have any property checked at the land registry, by your self. It's very simple and cheap to do. I despair when we read about newbies robbed by their own.countrymen here. Good luck.
How exciting for you sandy. Good luck .

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