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spathiphyllum | 15:38 Thu 18th Apr 2019 | Home & Garden
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A client wants some slabs on top of pebbles. i've told her this is not a good idea. I suggested lifting the pebbles, placing slab then putting pebbles round the edges but these pebbles are about half a ft deep.

Has anyone got any work around?

I have some sand in the van which i thought could fill some gaps in pebbles to make them more secure, but i've told her in reality i'd not feel comfortable putting slabs on pebbles as they would move.


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I think you are right...I am a jolly bodger but I wouldn't do that. 6inches of pebbles??????? that must have cost a fortune! Maybe lift 3 inches and replace with a better base and use a whacker to bed it all together?
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I still feel they'd move though Woof :/ The lady who wants it has poor mobility and would like a sturdier step to get to her shed.. i'm not convinced it's be that much sturdier

Yes It's a good 6 inch... Top layer are very nice quality nearer the bottom they're quite disgusting. I think she re pebbled but left the old ones in place.

Sand was the only thing that came to mind that might make some slabs a bit less movable? The sand would fill some space between the pebbles, but what a bodge i just don't think it's worth
if its only a step and not a whole path, maybe dig outa hole slightly larger than the step...I am not sure about pebbles moving if you lift the loose top layer. I have got areas of the garden where I has loose pebbles laid around 20 years ago and they have bedded in as hard as concrete.
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You are right, some of the pebbles further down are more set in their ways, which is good. However the top layer is loosy goosie.

A hole larger than the step is a good idea and removing the looser top layers.. I'll talk it over with the client to see if she'd be OK with that/

As it's for mobility, i don't want the moving, else it may as well stay as is
Rather than using sand, mix a dry sand and mortar slump. This will harden as it takes in moisture but allow you to set them level and true. The paving stones will not then move. Sand alone will gradually settle to the bottom of the pebbles and the slabs will then ride on the pebbles. Then refill with the aggregate/pebbles, that is already on site, around the relaid slabs.
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So basically, make a mortar plinth? To be fair.. this would also give some height, and may end up looking rather neat. Thanks for the idea togo think i'll go with that if the lovely Lady wouldn't mind them being permanent features (she can always rip em up and move the stones back?)

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Slabs On Pebbles

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