Can You Put A Mineral Felt On Top Of A Pitched Concrete Tile Roof?

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newbie99 | 10:03 Sun 17th Mar 2019 | Home & Garden
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I am considering putting the felt on top of the tiles...
Has anyone done such thing?
The roof is still having dripping noise, it's obvious there is a leak somewhere that the roofer and I can't find.


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No. You’ll probably get condensation on the underside which is not good.
Wouldn't dream of it.
Question Author
Ok. That's a good thought.
How about painting bitumen as suggested by a friend? He said the idea is to have leak gala filled with bitumen..
These things always happen on a Sunday, don’t they.

Tell you what you need (rather than crackpot ideas)........
A competent roofer.
Question Author
To be fair the roofer has fixed the major leaks. I think he is competant, just tricky with identifying the real culprit.
The tiles have been done badly by the builder. It should have 100mm overlap and it had 50mm.
To be honest we can't see any visible leaks in the loft. Just dripping noise between the edge of the ceiling next to the window lintle...
You think he’s competent but there’s still a leak. Bit contradictory, don’t you think?
in the loft?

Is this the house roof you are talking about?
“Crack pot ideas”

A load of crock pots in the loft and see which one gets moist?
Question Author
Yes it's a house roof...
Finding a leak is not straight forward.. it's not like there is a cracked or broken tiles that is visible.
The current roofer found one of the major leak which the previous roofers failed to find.
Were you seriously thinking of putting mineral felt on your house roof?

Did the roofer laugh much when you suggested this...and if not, why not?
Question Author
I haven't mentioned it to the roofer.
Even doing it will have challenging because you have the overlap steps between the tiles. Probably will be using more lead flashing...
Definitely not, newbie. Apart from not looking very good, it would be almost impossible to do the job neatly.

Your problem is most likely to be driven rain coming in under the lap.
Concrete tiles should be minimum 75mm headlap, but only with a steep pitch, and facing away from the prevailing wind.

Rather than have someone continually tinkering with it, do please think about having the tiles taken off, then re-laid on new felt and battens. Tiles laid with a 100mm headlap.

Honestly, it's the only way. Concrete tiles take no time at all to lift and be re-laid. Much cheaper in the long run.

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Can You Put A Mineral Felt On Top Of A Pitched Concrete Tile Roof?

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