Rusty Secateurs

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chokkie | 10:26 Sun 17th Mar 2019 | Home & Garden
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I have just "re-found" a pair of expensive secateurs which I mislaid months ago - found at the bottom of a plastic box in the garden. The box was pretty wet, so the secateur blades are now quite rusty. I really don't want to chuck the secateurs unless they are really impossible to clean - any ideas of how I can clean the rust of the blades, please? Many thanks, Chox.


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SNd laper then fine grit sand paper, sand the tools back to a clean metal finish then run under clean water, then dry
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Do you mean "Sand paper then fine-grit sand paper ...." think there was a typo in your first two words ....
Yes I would dry them thoroughly with a rag, them sandpaper them or use wire wool if you have any.

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Thanks, that advice is very much appreciated. Will get to work on them this afternoon. Cheers, Chox.
Yes i did sorry chokkie
I use that technique on my mower blades
hi before you do all this fill up a plastic container with vinegar enough to cover the secateurs leave for a couple of days should make it easier good luck
Good idea
Try soaking them for a few days in a vinegar/water mix, then rubbing them over, and oiling them.
Rusty Secateurs- sounds like a country singer... ;-)
Dismantle the secateurs (probably only one screw to remove) then clean the bits with petrol or white spirit, dry, then clean with fine sandpaper. Sharpen the cutting edges with a file or sandpaper. Re-assemble and test by trying to cut a sheet of loo paper.

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Rusty Secateurs

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