Pvc Covering Pipe For 8Mm Dia. Copper Pipe....

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privacybill | 10:10 Mon 11th Feb 2019 | Home & Garden
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I am sure I have seen an advert for PVC Tube that fits over 8mm annealed copper pipe.
I know you can buy the same size pipe covered at the manufacturing stage.


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I'd say the easiest way to sleeve 8mm tube would be to use 15mm (outside diameter) standard plastic pipe.
It's available anywhere as it's used as an alternative to copper plumbing. Usually in 3 metre lengths, or 25m and 50m coils.
I'd ask to begin with if the copper pipe is carrying hot water. A couple of suggestions: B and Q sell something called a FFA concept PVC tube that is 8mm diameter but I'm not certain if it's the internal or external diameter. You might be able to use PVC flexible tubing of that internal diameter depending on exactly what you're doing with the pipe. The stuff is similar to the pipe used by people making beer/wine at home for decanting. All of this stuff is freely available on the web via Ebay.

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Pvc Covering Pipe For 8Mm Dia. Copper Pipe....

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