Dyson Clapped

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bainbrig | 13:32 Sun 10th Feb 2019 | Home & Garden
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3 years in, expensive Dyson clapped out.

Of the copies, which is recommended?



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Why don't you get it fixed?

Dyson customer service is the best there is.
bb are Dyson not interested in your m/c's failure. I thought that they were pretty bullet proof.
You might be able to find useful info in the discussion here:
Phone them - one call out and they service and replace any parts needed. Think there is a small payment but certainly cheaper than buying a new one.
it should be guaranteed for 5 years so contact them. I have had some pretty hefty parts replacements under the guarantee.
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2 years warranty. We’ll phone them tomorrow. I was just sorting out options in case the repair is a silly price.
SEBO- best vacuums on the planet imho (my man loves his Dysons- he's got a little family of the things with names- weirdo :) or for me Vax, or even good old Henrys- they NEVER die no matter what you do to them, but SEBO trumps them all :) x
We have a Dyson cordless which we prefer as not so heavy as the Dyson conventional one we also have. Ours too is only 3 years old and the battery lasts a lot less time than when new. We called Dyson to arrange a service and after a few questions was told that is what happens with the battery. It was top of the range when we bought it and thought it would last longer than 3 years. I said 'so we need a new one?' They agreed. We now feel we would rather get a different make but can't decide which.
Are you sure it's clapped out?

When ours stopped sucking properly I opened up the various places you can access. Lo and behold there was a cat toy blocking it up.
Corded Dysons have a Five-year warranty....cordless ones only two years. If a cordless one is failing because the rechargeable battery is exhausted (that's what rechargeable batteries do, no matter the make of the vacuum/battery), then you can replace just the battery.
Sometimes the charger itself
Sorry there Ginge….. that seemed to post itself. I meant to say.

Sometimes the charger itself Ginge. It was in our case. Cordless Dyson is a boon and easily maintained. If you do not do what it says on the tin and clean and clear the filters it will no perform as it can. Changing the machine will not change he user.
If you do need a new vacuum cleaner, consider getting a Vax. Ours has many of the Dyson features but cheaper and came with a six year guarantee. It has been no trouble at all, had it for about three years.
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2 red lights, manual says “Contact service”.

Original battery, well used - we too thought 3 years wasn’t long! Still, we’ll see what Dyson says tomorrow. I’ll report back.
Our cordless is cleaned every week and the filters regularly, just unlucky I guess.
BB when you say clapped, what excactly do you mean? Is it a corded or cordless m / c?
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Tony. “2 red lights, manual says “Contact service”.

Original battery.” = cordless.
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Dyson say needs new battery £65 (year’s guarantee).

They say it’s a very old model (3 years?) and we should consider buying a new one. We said having lobbed out nearly four hundred quid no thanks...
Thought this was gonna a be a home gadget entertainment when I read the title .THE KETTLE WHISTLED then Dyson Clapped .Sorry little jocular interlude there .

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Dyson Clapped

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