Replacing Honeywell T6360 Mechanical Room Thermostat

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hairygrape | 03:17 Sat 09th Feb 2019 | Home & Garden
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I'd like to replace the above thermostat with a digital type that would give me better control over my central heating and allow me to program the central heating. I only need control of the central heating and I've got a combi boiler. The T6360 is powered by a 1.5 mm tw/e cable from the boiler upstairs in the airing cupboard. The live core goes to terminal 1 of the T6360, the neutral core goes to terminal 3 of the T6360 and the sleeved earth core goes to the earth terminal on the T6360.
I'm thinking of replacing it with s Salus EP101 single channel programmer on sale in B&Q. What I'm not sure about is what connections to use on the EP101. For 230v switching the EP101 has a live terminal (L), a neutral terminal (N), a HW/CH off terminal, a no connection terminal, a switch live terminal and a link between the final terminal and the live terminal.
I take it that I only need to use the Live terminal and the Neutral terminal on the Salus to duplicate the wiring configuration on the Honeywell controller? Can the Earth core be simply parked up in the Salus back panel terminal as the Salus instructions advise. The Salus instructions refer to Volt Free Contact Switching too but I dont that that applies to my setup.

Thank you.


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The T6360 is a basic control. My tutor best described it as a on/off device, which basically it is. It’s either on or off like a light switch. Digital controllers operate in the same way. Sensing the air immediately around it. I don’t think you will notice any difference heating wise between the 2. The T6360 does what it says on the tin.
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Thanks malagabob. I feel just the same about the T6360 - its next to useless. The Salus will allow me to programme the system so that I can get up to a warm house in the morning plus allow me to have a +1 hour override if needed. I'm just wondering if the Salus is a straight swap for the T6360 as far as the wiring is concerned. It's not as if if I want a 2, 3 or 4 channel programmer after all.
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The Salus seems to need batteries as well if that's relevant to my question.
Thank you.
hairygrape don't no what model of Sylus you are after, but this one is pretty basic, but still an upgrade on what you have and at a good price depending on P + P
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Thanks TonyV. That link shows one half of a transmitter/receiver wireless thermostat set up. I'd still have to pay for the receiver on top of that and it looks like its discontinued. I dont want to go down the road of wireless stuff as it would mean messing about with the boiler connections. It would be so much easier if I could a straight swap!
Ok hairygrape didn't really read all the details of my recommendation, but you've obviously done much more research than me, lol
^^^ if you look at Salus website it will let you download manual so you can see what's involved, guess you were right, end of line stock shifted cheaply

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Replacing Honeywell T6360 Mechanical Room Thermostat

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