How Long Do Conkers Repel Spiders For?

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bluegeranium | 10:47 Thu 10th Jan 2019 | Home & Garden
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In the autumn I collected loads of conkers and put them in bowls around the house as I had read that they deter spiders. So far only seen one or two so maybe they work! however they are now all dull and shrivelled does anyone know if they are still worth keeping or will I have to wait for next year?


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For as long as you keep hitting the spiders with them. (^_*)
I never bother my resident spiders, they are all called George of various sizes and dont bother me.
As a spider detester I'd say they don't work anyway
In my opinion, conkers just seem to collect dust and cobwebs.
Peppermint oil might be worth a try though.
Clove oil spray is said to work. Best anti spider device is a cat with a high prey drive
I have conkers everywhere and use lemon polish. considering we're in the depths of nowhere we don't get many, but the ones we get are the stuff of nightmares :/
bluegeranium, have you considered getting treatment for your phobia? Why go through life frightened of spiders when you don't have to?
Bruno is a great spider catcher, he can get them up to maybe 5' up the wall if needbe.
In answer insert conkers instead of suggestions
Does he eat them Tashi?
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I don't like spiders and using a glass and cardboard to catch one gives me horrors but mr mally bought me a spider vac they are long and catch them ,and I can take them away without fear of touching them x
Sammy lives at the top of my stairs and has done for many years (probably not the same one of course) and I say hello to him every day. Grandchildren think I'm mad, but I've heard them speaking to him too!

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How Long Do Conkers Repel Spiders For?

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