Kitchen Cupboard Inserts

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bainbrig | 11:55 Wed 09th Jan 2019 | Home & Garden
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We've got an Ikea kitchen - been fine for years, still is, but one thing we've always wanted...

Some of the cupboards are just TOO deep, and what we want is slidey things, baskets probably, that go on runners, so you can pull out the basket and push it back, thus using the full depth of the cupboard.

The best ones for us would be some sort of clamp fittings - the less screwing, drilling, lying on the floor, etc., the better, as it might do for me.

Haven't got to be Ikea make, but could well be.

Any ideas?




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Might be worth measuring your cupboards and having a look at firms like B&Q, Homebase, Wickes etc. Kitchen cupboards tend to come in standard sizes so it may be possible to get exactly what you are looking for. The Builder may be along soon to help - he's quite an expert on these things.
Were I you I'd see what the DIY sheds have to offer. Can't see how clamping would work though.

Or maybe go to the 'cheap' shops that sell all sorts of tat and look just for wire baskets there ?
We found similar problem with ours. I had a set of drawers with metal runners from previous kitchen and fitted them inside new ones so they can be pulled out. Just needed to fit them an inch or so back from door to make sure the door closed. Sets of drwers can easily be bought from a different company as most are the same sizes.
Have done this a couple of times, Bain. Plenty of sites around with a bit of Googling. Here's an Amazon one for starters............ User Recommendation

They do need to be screwed in place, but it's very easy to do... I promise you.
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Hello Builder, good to hear from you. They look fine - have you ever come across something like this?
It seems to have quite hefty mounting to the side, and equally hefty ‘baskets’.
Yes, Bain, I've seen those before. Much the same as normal basket drawers, but hung on one side only. More expensive though.
I guess the advantage is that the whole frame is fixed in one operation. Setting up the individual ones does require a little more measuring to get them all lined up.
To avoid lots of measuring inside cupboards, and having to get into various difficult yoga positions to do it, once you have established the height of the unit/runners etc. and marked the pilot hole for the first screw, cut yourself a thin strip of wood to that length and use it as a template for the marking of all the other screws.
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Thanks for the good advice. Back to the old problem, which is Find Your Handyman! We are typical of many old gits - plenty of dosh, but few useful contacts (and no grandchildren).

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Kitchen Cupboard Inserts

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