Stop Cock On Pavement

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Bazile | 15:09 Wed 02nd Jan 2019 | Home & Garden
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The thingy that you use to turn off the water supply to your property , from the pavement .
Are they standard fitting ?

I have not got a water meter


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What do you mean by'standard fitting'?
Given that they may have been fitted when water was supplied by different councils, then authorities, then companies over a period of several decades, I think they may be similar but not identical.
And, they do belong to your water supplier....and they don't like consumers fiddling with them.
i'm not on a meter, but i have a water meter in the pavement with the stop cock. I pay a monthly fee regardless how much i use, then if they check the reading and it's over i'm in dept :D Check it and it's under they may owe me some ££ so they try to work out the average precisely
You are on a meter, spath. That's the same set up as mine after I requested the meter be installed :)

My stopcock looks like an old fashioned kitchen tap. I made a 'key' for it as it is quite deep
I have to agree with hc....spath IS on a metered supply. The fact that readings are taken and billing adjustments made, confirms this.
If the supply was unmetered (ie a fixed rate based on rateable-value), you would simply pay a one-off yearly or two twice-yearly or monthly fixed readings necessary and no billing adjustments made.
I hve both
doesnt everyone ?
Sorry guys! Thanks for letting me know i'm on metre..

Even if my bill is the exact same every month regardless?
I've got a meter and there's a small plastic hex key stored inside the pit, as illustrated here
and here
(I used it only a few hours ago. It takes several turns to stop the flow of water but it's not difficult).

However older, non-metered, stopcocks tend to need a big stopcock key to turn the water on and off. The fittings do vary slightly but you can buy 'combination' or 'universal' keys. This one, for example, is suitable 'for 1/2" and 3/4" crutch head and 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" square head spindle stop cocks":
>>> Even if my bill is the exact same every month regardless?

That's just the regular direct debit amount being taken from your bank account. It's not an actual 'bill'.
Ah yeah i get you
Depends on your water company, I've had a normal tap or something I've had to make a key for
Question Author

Is it highly likely , that the universal one will fit , do you think ?

I'd be very surprised if a universal key didn't fit any stopcock.
^^^ . . . except, of course, the newer hex key type that I've got. (However, to the best of my knowledge, they're solely associated with meters, so that should be irrelevant in your case)
Chris depends how deep the turn of cock is?
I've been to properties where stop cock was over a metre down, Bazile open the plate and you should see what you need
That should work and a good price
That's often the reason I have to stop, too.

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Stop Cock On Pavement

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