How To Get Credit Refunded From Electric Company

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carolminniemouse | 12:12 Wed 02nd Jan 2019 | Home & Garden
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My electric bill stands at over £200 in credit but after requesting up to date meter reading, company is only willing to refund £55. Anyone suggest a strategy to get them to cough up?


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12:15 Wed 02nd Jan 2019
Just change your Direct Debit to one penny per month until you've used up the credit - it's that simple!
im not sure you can change the DD amount yourself. I thought that DDs were where the company TOOK the money (vs a so where you are GIVING the money and therefore control the amount)
can't change direct debtis, only standing orders. A DD is set up by the other party, a standing order is set up by yourself.
But you can cancel a Direct Debit.
Have you asked them why they will only refund £55
According to the CAB, the decision is YOURS not theirs. Insist or go the Ombudsman.
We've overpaid by dd but decided to let live in the account although you can request refund
Is the credit balance still £100 folowing the updated reading? They will need to factor in the likely increased usage in the coldest months of Jan/Feb
Who is your supplier? Some give interest on credit balances
Have they offered to reduce your DD- on the basis that witha £55 refund now and a reduced DD your blance will be close to zero shortly
Note you use far more electricity in the winter months than in spring / summer.

What not wait till say April / May and if you are still in credit THEN ask for a refund.

Also look back at last years bill and see how much you were in credit last year at this time. You may find that you were just as much in credit but all the credit was "used up" by the time winter finished.
When I see all this energy company malarkey, I'm pleased that I kept paying a quarterly bill when it arrives....after I've used the energy!
I'm with Eon and they have just refunded me quite a large amount without me even asking. They have also reduced my monthly payments by £14 a month. It seems strange your supplier will only refund £55 maximum. Time to shop around?
When I pay my monthly DD I always think of the discount I get each month compared to paying quarterly bills. And I like the way payments are spread so I don't get a huge bill in March. Oh, and Santander give 2% or 3% cashback on monthly DDs for energy bills.

Just to correct my typos from earlier post
"Is the credit balance still £200 following the updated reading? They will need to factor in the likely increased usage in the coldest months of Jan/Feb"
I get my energy from British Gas and pay by Direct Debit - I can change the amount online as often as I wish.
f-f...I do know the reasons why many people pay energy bills by direct debit, but it's not enough incentive for me...the discount (such as it is) doesn't amount to much and large bills in March (and smaller ones at other times) are fine by me. And, I wouldn't be interested in anything Santander has to offer.

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How To Get Credit Refunded From Electric Company

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