Non-Stick Baking Tray

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bainbrig | 09:07 Thu 08th Nov 2018 | Home & Garden
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I bought a non-stick baking tray for biscuits about a year back, and the coating is lifting.

Any recommendations for a heavy duty version?




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I have had one of these for a few years and it's still as good as new.
i haven't ever found one that doesn't stick.
Emmie. see link above.
I buy cheap ones and throw them away when they start to fail... at least in theory my current ones came from Wilko seven years ago and are still ok. I always use baking parchment for biscuits anyway as the extra layer helps stop the bases browning too much.
danny, yes i have.
I do what Rowan does. Just chuck 'em and replace.

I'd look at Tefal though. I bought their hob to oven frying pans and they're brilliant. They have a wide range.
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Thanks danny, I’ll try one.
Another option for things that don't need really high temperature cooking is silicone bakeware
silicone stuff is good, but you have to remember it is bendy when lifting !
My friend stands hers on an old baking sheet just kept for that use.the sheet stays clean and the silicone is supported.
now why didn't I think of
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I bought a 30x19 from Amazon (a Lakeland one) and got a 24x18.

Sent it back, and got another 24x18.

Explanation from Lakeland: when they say 30x19, they're including everything. The actual working area of the tray is only 24x18.

Wrote back saying if they included the PACKAGING it might make 30x19. Didn't reply.

Now bought a bigger one, hoping that it'll be the right size.

Not sure if they're just badly organised, or whether it's deliberate muddying of the waters.


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Non-Stick Baking Tray

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