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bentaxle | 12:03 Sat 27th Oct 2018 | Home & Garden
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Just found out E.ON fit Isolators for free , thought it might help if you are considering changing your unit as I am

All the best


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What's an Isolator in this conrext? Do you mean a RCB ?
Retro - an isolator is just a switch that they fit between the incoming main and the meter. It makes it easier and safer when working on consumer units. It means you can just switch off the power.

It's about time suppliers provided this. Otherwise, you have to pull the supply cut-out (big 100 amp fuse) to switch things off. Technically, you shouldn't do this as it means cutting a wire seal, but what else can you do?
Ooops ^^^............. fitted between the meter and your consumer unit.
Thanks for the explanation Builder. It makes sense.
I wish they would move my hardly accessible meter from under the stairs cupboard to an outside cabinet for free. :-(

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Consumer Unit

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