Stale Smell In Bedroom...

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yhodger | 17:41 Fri 26th Oct 2018 | Home & Garden
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hi , we live in a flat and a few weeks ago I noticed a stale odour in one of the bedrooms, at first I thought this was down to cooking as the kitchen is directly opposite the room in question however I have ruled this out as the hallway in between doesn't have the smell and the last few days the smell was strong even when we didn't cook, we open windows, there is no mould. I cleaned the room top to bottom and have used a carpet cleaner, no pets, when I smell specific things in the room they don't actually smell so I have no idea where the smell is coming from but it seems to be in the air closest to the door. the smell gets stronger at times for no known reason, I sound silly but its coming from the walls , it has to be but I have no idea how. the rest of the flat does not smell. the only other thing is there is a communal stack that runs in the room but this sealed into the wall and this is not the end of the room that the smell seems to be strongest . other point is the main bathroom is next door with a fan and we wondered if the fan was the issue so we turned this off but still the issue remains. does anyone have any idea what it could be?


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under the floorboards?
You have a water leak somewhere imo.
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no floorboards, concrete floors
well I get the smell of smoke through my walls from my next-door neighbour.

but I think they are trying to cut down as it isn't as often now.
Do you have any stud walls that water pipes are in?

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Stale Smell In Bedroom...

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