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CW1 | 10:51 Sun 21st Oct 2018 | Home & Garden
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My neighbour on the rhs put up a low fence years ago, before my place was there. We've fallen out & I want to put up 2m fencing in it's place. I've respected the fact that he paid for what's there & last week I gave him 7 days to remove it if he wants to keep the materials, or I'll assume he doesn't want it.

Am I *obliged* to allow him time or, as the rhs is my responsibility, could I have just gone ahead & replaced it ? As of today I'm done with being "respectful", he's being so vitriolic.


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if you want to put up your own fencing then you can just do it. You are not entitled to remove what is there.'s%20fence?
Well that’s one way to escalate the problem
you cannot touch his fence, you can erect your own next to it.
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Uh, ok. That's not was I was told at all, by several people in fact, including a land owner, & a fencing contractor who'd said it might be easier to attach panels to the existing fencing ! Would've thought they'd both know what the hell they were talking about !!

Thanks, though not really sure what I do now. If I put up separate fencing, he'll take his down & "enjoy" the extra land (despite that link woofgang), too much hassle for too little gain :(
The other thing to remember about escalating arguments with neighbours is that they can cause problems when you come to sell. Unless its written into a covenant on your property, NO ONE has a responsibility for fencing land although there maybe some pattern of ownership of fences. Landowners do have a responsibility to keep most pets (not cats) where they belong and this may well lead to a need for them to fence. Folk on here have been answering this question and variants of it for many years and the answer is always the same whatever else you have been told.
oh PS, here is the gold standard for garden law websites

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