Just Topped Up My Gas Card Before Registering It.

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chrissa1 | 12:21 Fri 19th Oct 2018 | Home & Garden
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Help. I didn’t read the letter properly and topped it up before registering it with the meter.

What should I do?


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Is there a contact number on the letter?
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Yes. I’ll give them a ring.
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Been on hold for 19 minutes.
Oh, what a pain - you won't be the first to have done it Chrissa.
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51 minutes later. All sorted. What an idiot I have been. :)
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They are going to refund my erroneous top-up though.
At least you are a step nearer getting going Chrissa.
glad to see it's sorted Chrissa.

Just a word of advice/info/general chit-chat.

I never realised that they have batteries (which is decidedly a d'oh moment) keep your suppliers number to hand for future reference if/when the meter displays that the batteries have died. x
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Have visited SEVEN outlets that appear on the Eon website for my home town and NONE, yes, NONE of them have any cards.

Shall try some more abit further afield tomorrow but, what a way to run a company!!!

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Just Topped Up My Gas Card Before Registering It.

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