I Love My Karcher..

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ethandron | 17:47 Thu 11th Oct 2018 | Home & Garden
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..Window vac, it’s brill!
Took me all of five minutes to do both sides of three Georgian paned bevelled glass doors.
I used detol spray just because it’s clear and was handy, can recommend it.
I am now streak free, next job sliding mirror wardrobe doors. And dog slob on patio and conservatory doors.
Any more gadgets you can recommend for making any kind of cleaning easier??


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Knew you would !
Dyson V8
I don't want to be a dampener LOl on you - I used mine yesterday too - I've used it yonks times before but it does leave streaks - if you look - now I don't look - I don't know ANY WINDOW CLEANER that doesn't leave streaks.

After my last gadget the AirFryer - no more gadgets ever. Air Fryer was used twice - washed and put up the cupboard. That's it.
Good on shower screen and tiles too.
I bought a fabulous flat mop which detaches as a handheld mop too - from Lakeland. brilliant for washing up your bathroom tiles right up to the ceiling and last night everynight I just mop over the bathroom floor tiles. Brilliant tiles they are too - think Amico.
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Got one 237..that, the shark floor steam cleaner, and now this karcher have really made things easier.
Wish I could find something which removed dust as easily.
JJ, I’m totally streak free, maybe you’re using it wrong?
Well a blind man on a horse won't see my streaks but I do. I am using it correctly too.

I find it hard to get down to dust so a few times a week I use an extended feather duster. Brilliant. A couple of pounds in Home Bargains.

Steam cleaner up the cupboard. I'm a rich woman dead when they see my pluck.
Put your glasses on Eth LOL - and you will see the streaks. Just tiny little runs.
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Nope JJ, no runs or streaks.
I’m all off mops of any description, give me modern technology every time.
I just use Fairy liquid in the Karcher windowvac. I used it yesterday and did find a couple of streaks but they just rubbed off with a j cloth
I don't get streaks on my two very large patio windows and mirrors etc ,I wipe the blade after every stroke.x
I love my Karcher too. The bit I don't like is having to climb up and kneel on the worksurface to clean the kitchen windows.

Our cleaner makes all kinds of cleaning easier, comes in three times a week, she's brilliant.
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Three times a week Baldric? You must be a mucky lot ;)
That’s the next step actually, getting a cleaner, I’m thinking once a fortnight. Life’s too short and I’m getting too creaky :/
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Tilly, my days of scrambling on top of worktops are over. Himself can do that, not me.
Good tips, Mally and sj.

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I Love My Karcher..

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