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fuggy | 19:53 Thu 30th Aug 2018 | Home & Garden
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What is the best home made weed killer?


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Don't think there is one, been a gardener as long as I can remember and never heard anyone making their own
Haven't got time to get involved in brewing your own, so I just buy mine ... this link may set you on your desired path ...
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Thanks for that, it's just that I have all sorts of suggestions, non of which have been substantiated.
'Home made' .. wont be anywhere near as rapid or as long lasting, but I'm sure there is a place for it in the organic garden.
A Dutch hoe.
a weed wacker is a good organic solution of used with care.
Boiling water and cheap salt.
For the lawn, the garden or the paving?

For the paving we use vinegar, salt and washing up liquid.

1 litre white vinegar - less than £1 in any supermarket
3 tablespoons or table salt
3 tablespoons of washing up liquid.

Mix and stir and use liberally from a spray gun onto the weeds.

This mix kills weeds and being natural is pet and wildlife safe. But might kill the grass too so not ideal fr lawn weeds.

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