Stamp Duty Land Tax On Second Home

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MantaRay | 09:29 Sun 26th Aug 2018 | Home & Garden
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If one owns a normal house and buys an additional property in the form of a park home [mobile home] then no stamp duty is payable on the purchase of that second home.

But what happens if one does the reverse, i.e. currently resides in a park home but wants to buy a second property [short term until the park home is sold]. I understand that the standard rate of stamp duty would be payable, but would the extra 3% second home premium have to be added also?


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havent we had this

the answer was yes wasnt it
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No Peter, different question, the next step if you like. I have recognised that the transaction would incur SDLT but need clarification as to whether a park home is recognised as one of two homes in this example.
Yes. Buy if second home becomes main residence and first is sold within 36 months it is refunded

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Stamp Duty Land Tax On Second Home

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