Saggy Sofa Seats.

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gness | 14:38 Fri 24th Aug 2018 | Home & Garden
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The seat cushions on my sofas are becoming a little flat. I have a quote to have them restored which seems a bit expensive to me.

They are microfibre filled at present which this company doesn't recommend. For a foam cushion it will be £100 each and to have the foam feather wrapped to make it slightly domed, which I prefer, will be £170.
Has anyone had a foam and feather wrapped seat cushion.....are they nice?

And am I being a bit mean thinking £400 is a bit much for four cuts of foam? Perhaps the foam is pricey.....or there is more to making a seat cushion than I think....I just don't know.

Also....has anyone restored seat cushions?....I'm tempted to have a go....Gx


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I haven't restored seat cushions. I'm too scared.

A SIL, some years back, had her suite re-stuffed (the cushions that is) and she was not pleased with the result. Have no idea what she paid.

You are an excellent seamstress and so-on, have a bash at trying one xx
What have you been doing on the sofa, gness;-)
Look around in the yellow pages for foam suppliers, they will cut you 4 pieces to size, there are different grades of firmness. They must be a tight fit inside the covers and you can shape the foam yourself with a sharp knife by carefully bevelling the top corner edges. If you are reasonably practical, It isn't difficult.
Gness has got a saggy seat! Now why am I afraid to offer comment?


Foam can be surprisingly expensive to buy. (I've seen it offered on market stalls and have found myself thinking "HOW much?"

However you can find local sources by searching for 'foam' on Yell:

Youtube has plenty of videos on the subject. e.g.

gness and a sharp knife should not be in the same sentence Khandro :-))
I've not done it, but I came across this a while back. Also saw a version using feather pillows. I'll see if I can dig that up.

Question Author
Thanks for that, Spath...x

No sewing, Alba....they would cut the foam and if asked wrap in a thin feather layer...then I'd collect and stuff into the sofa covers....x

Celebrating my exam results, Melv..... ;-)

Thank you, Khandro and Chris.....from your replies I think I could buy four pieces of ready cut good quality foam.....wrap it in thick upholstery wadding, stitched where needed to shape nicely and make maybe a cotton cover (I have loads of cotton lining fabric).
This would dome it and be quite a bit less than £400-£680 I should think?...x
Question Author
Alba! Cheeky.... :-)

Thanks, Pasta too....and from these videos and info seems a good idea to have a go.....and I do fancy the trick with the silk stuff and the vacuum cleaner....what a lot of arm ache that saves!
gness, it could be the start of a new career for you :0)
Question Author could be right! My last two careers have started by accident when I thought....hmmm...I could do this better..... :-)
Question Author
I could start with that gerbil you keep washing, Dave?... ;-)
Hi gness,
how much do you like your sofa? How much to replace it you bought one new? Would having this done restore it to looking like new? I suppose you're paying for their expertise, materials & labour. Think of how the end result may look x
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^^ LOL!!
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Hi, Eleena....I do understand what you're saying but it just seems quite a lot for cutting the foam to size and maybe wrapping it in a thin stockinette when I could perhaps have a go myself for a fraction of the price. I suppose trying one cushion first would tell me if I can do it...and think of the wine and shoe money I'd still have.... ;-)
If you're confident gness, give it a go!
Question Author
Jordy....if my cushions were as pert as my bum I'd be a happy woman......I can still cycle in lycra quite confidently.....just..... :-)

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Saggy Sofa Seats.

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