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dylanfanatic | 17:54 Thu 09th Aug 2018 | Home & Garden
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When I was in my early teens and helping out on my mate's dad's farm there was a sprayer to kill flies called 'flit' and it did what it said on the tin. The 'elf and safety' morons banned it in the late 60's and now the shelves are full of products called 'Vapona' 'Raid' and all sorts of useless concoctions - I suppose the E.U. have been poking their noses in like they have with light bulbs and vacuum cleaners, and expecting us to buy useless crap as always!!


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// There must have been good reason to take it off the market. //

yeah read the thread again
it got into the food chain and came out in muvvaz milk....

( a bit like stable estrogens from the pill getting into food and perhaps bringing on the early start of menstruation. Or is it phytoestrogens ? from veg )
^But sodium chlorate is extremely toxic to pets and humans and could be used to make explosives.

We use 'Raid' does exactly what it says on the can, no problems, except for the flying things.
.Oh sodium chlorate ! tin of this weed killer was found in Colin Jordan's house and he had relabelled it Jaw Killer when it was raided in 1962

oops sorry - i should point out that sod chlor and sugar make a make shift explosive - oh god I am not gonna get the bomb squad froo the door of my little semi am I ? sorry got that from my father - it as well known during the war apparently

I mean corbo and his travails - some things never change
Raid works for us too
and could be used to make explosives.

Learned about that in chemistry at school.
yeah it is in wiki ....
as are novichik agents - hey do you think we will be hacked and named as a nest of vipers by Putins lot?

wha' uvva fings - hey those sweets (coarse powder) that popped loudly in the mouth - associated with something
hey and dont forget tartrazine yellow
caused hyperacgivity and was addictive apparently ( I never asked a child)

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