Fridge-Freezer In Hot Weather

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tearinghair | 19:40 Tue 31st Jul 2018 | Home & Garden
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During the recent heatwave I thought it would be a good idea to turn up (or down? - I mean make it colder) the thermostat on my fridge-freezer. Then discovered that items in the salad drawer were freezing, so turned it back again and took everything out of the drawer in the meantime. Now things on the shelf above are also freezing. I've turned the thermostat to a temperature warmer than it's ever been, but no improvement; in fact I put some ice-cubes in the salad drawer and they haven't even begun to melt. The thing is only three years old.
Is there a simple solution, or am I going to have to a) get a service engineer out (no success so far contacting the manufacturer by phone or email)or b) buy a new one?


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Is it in the garage?
I did the same last week, Tearing.... and the fridge seemed to get warmer. I do have fridge thermometers so I can check and they rose too.
I was listening for the sound of the fridge bursting into action but there was nothing for about twenty four hours then it started and froze everything is my salad drawer.
I also thought I would have to have an engineer out but I emptied it and left it to see if it would sort itself out to a proper temperature.... it's been fine since took some time to settle down properly though...
I rarely have to adjust mine and wonder if it just didn't respond properly immediately or I should have turned it down bit by bit.....Best I can offer.....x
Thermostat issues ?
Anything blocked anywhere ?
Maybe switch it off, let it defrost thoroughly, then switch on again ?
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Thanks for the advice, sorry I didn't respond earlier but I forgot to check back.
It's in the utility room next to the kitchen; the room has been getting very warm, which is why I decided to alter the thermostat. I can't see anything blocked. I'll try defrosting tomorrow when there won't be much in the fridge section (I have a small chest freezer that will take most of the rest, and we'll have to live well for a day...).
Had the same problem Just spent three days defrosting
Three away so much stuff
No need to adjust the thermostat - no matter what the temperature the fridge freezer will maintain the temperature it is set at.
Just had to junk everything
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Update - I emptied the freezer part and switched off for a couple of hours. It seems fine now. Thanks again for the advice.

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Fridge-Freezer In Hot Weather

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