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taichiperson | 22:02 Mon 04th Jun 2018 | Home & Garden
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Is there a recognised way of dealing with tradesmen so they take your job seriously? We need our bathroom redone, it's long overdue and involves some rewiring as the house has not had an work done on it for a couple of decades. We've gone through two lots of tradesmen in six weeks - the first a young lad who said he'd drop off some wall cladding samples and never came back, and a firm who said the'yd get their electrician to get in touch and we're still waiting two weeks later. I've contacted both of them a second time to jog their memories with no joy. It's very frustrating and I'm beginning to take it personally. I don't know whether to be jokey and say 'no hurry' or be a bit more forceful and risk coming across as desperate - which I suppose we are.


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Where are you finding the tradesmen from?

These are the main two places you should be looking:
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The young lad did a job for us a couple of years ago, the firm were recommended by my son's office workmates as being very good. Thanks for the link, will check it out.
I needed a gardener and contacted about 7 numbers. All went to voicemail - no replies - except one a guy Paul - I could come on Monday - ok - what time - couldn't tell you. Oh leave it I'll tackle it myself which I did.

However I have had a fabulous electrician and have taken note of his number. Whether you're jokey or not - they will do what they want.
are you at the getting quotes stage? If you are, you need to get people to come round to price the job first. As JJ says, you'll probably have to contact a lot (and leave messages) in order to get a few people to turn up. People who don't contact you back, or arrange appointments, or give you quotes way above others are probably too busy to do the job.
Sometimes it's a matter of who you know.
Believe it of not, taichi, there are plenty of of good, conscientious tradesmen around. Finding one can be fraught, as you know.
I have to agree with ummmm, personal experience or recommendation is the best way. Easy to say, I know.

You shouldn't have to plead, or adopt an attitude. It sounds like a nice job for someone. It's a slog, but, asking around for recommendations will surely result in finding the right people for the job.

No need to get desperate though. Take your time and you'll get there. I just wish I could help make it easier for you. Good luck.
I too have "talked" around and now have a (I hope) a gardener who just lives about a mile away from me.
Our tame plumber is great. Tonight though we're auditioning a fence building operative, he's already called to say it'll be after six, fingers crossed.
We did have one guy turn up in a Merc with a private plate. We chatted, he never came back.
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Thanks all - we got the quote printed out and sent in the post which arrived today. It's pricey but they will take care of everything. It's not the money, it's the process - though I don't want to get ripped off.

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