Ground Beetle Infestation

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Barmaid | 14:10 Mon 04th Jun 2018 | Home & Garden
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We have an infestation of ground beetles. Now I know they are harmless, but it is a real pain walking into the downstairs bathroom to find 15 or so on their backs every morning. It only seems to be a problem in the hard floor areas and they dont seem to have made it upstairs.

I dont really want to kill them - they do no real harm. Can anyone suggest a way of getting rid of them?


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Hoover them up and empty the Hoover outside
I'd use a brush and dustpan to get them out of the house as you are less likely to damage them.
are they coming in from outside or what? Prevention may be better than cure if you can stop them at source somehow.
Boric acid in powder form repels all sorts of crawling insects within the household environment.
It can be purchased fairly cheaply from many ebay sellers.

Mrs Hymie has used it to good effect – but to work it needs to be sprinkled liberally such that visitors might think you have spilt vast quantities of cocaine around the edges of your rooms.

Apparently it works because the sharp microscopic edges of the powder, make it like walking on broken glass for insects.

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Ground Beetle Infestation

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