Green Flies And Caterpillars On Fruit Trees

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lilacben | 21:52 Fri 25th May 2018 | Home & Garden
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Sorry about other post...pressed it too early.
Could anyone give me an idea how to treat green flies and caterpillars in fruit tree leaves.? apples.plums.cherries and pears?


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I didn't see the other post, but the way I deal with green fly /aphids etc, if the birds are not keeping the numbers down low enough, is to give the foliage a good strong blast with a garden hose, otherwise a weak solution of detergent or washing up liquid spray, will shift most of them.
You could take them to see a show, or maybe a trip to the seaside.

Pests in my garden get blasted by chemicals on a regular basis. Would've thought that'd work. One can put sticky bands on fruit trees to stop moths and ants.

That stated my roses etc. have yet to be bothered by caterpillars. Veg is continually attacked by slugs and snails though :-(

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Green Flies And Caterpillars On Fruit Trees

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