How Do I Find Out About Recent Floods ? Actual Floods, Not Just Risk.

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atalanta | 16:46 Thu 15th Mar 2018 | Home & Garden
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My house insurers have never asked me this before, but in order to continue to insure my house they want to know if any house within 100 metres of my house has been flooded in the last three years. I have asked the Parish council - they don't know. I have asked the district council, they don't know either. I can find environment maps which show flood risks, but they don't tell me when any floods last occurred. I have tried to convince the insurers that it is unreasonable of them to expect me to find out this information, but if they insist, am I left with having to bang on every door and ask at every house within 100 metres of me ? There must be some other way.


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Try looking at the local newspaper online. They might have some news stories in their files that cover what you're looking for. Have you tried just googling floods in your area?
The Association of British Insurers seems unable to suggest anything other than actually asking your neighbours:
You would know if they had if you have been living there all that time, so just answer no they haven't.
...I'd be changing my insurance company if I was asked for this information.....
Don't insurance companies share information on claims? In which case they could find this information themselves.
I'm with gingerbread on this one.
Sorry, should read gingejbee !!!
I am with gingelbee too.
The map on the following web site will inform you if your property is in a flood risk area:

Alternatively, the You Gov website will show if your address is in a flood risk area:

Although I don't trust this site, as it shows that my property is at risk, whereas according to my SatNav altimeter, I live 183 feet above sea level. When my insurers once queried my being in an at risk area, I asked them to check on a contour map and pointed out that most of London would be under water before our house!
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I know about the risk. I looked at all the risk maps before I put this question up. I need to know when any floods last happened. I have now actually asked some of the neighbours, who said no, but to paraphrase the immortal words of M R D, they would, wouldn't they ?

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How Do I Find Out About Recent Floods ? Actual Floods, Not Just Risk.

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