Water Doesnt Stay Hot Long Enough

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norfolkbird | 15:47 Tue 13th Mar 2018 | Home & Garden
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HI Guys,,, can someone help me,,
I have a worcester boiler.... the problem is that the hot water doesnt run hot for long before it cools right down before heating up again. Not helpful when running a bath or washing hair,, it seems worse upstairs ..... the kitchen tap appears to be the best for keeping hot longer.
the boiler is upstairs.......the upstairs bathroom seems to be worse.
may have no baring at all.. but a few months back had a bit of a leak with the screws you have to turn to turn the pressure up... the guy came out and put two leavers on as had to use screwdriver before....... i may be imaging it but am sure this problem is since then,,,,,,,,,i dont know if or why this could be relevant ?
any suggestions before call someone out


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What model do you have? Try turning the eco mode off if it’s on.
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ohh its a junior .. sorry cant remember the name Green ??
not sure if eco mode is on or not... am a bit wary at touching anything,,, sorry to be dim... how will inknow if its on or not..
and what difference would this make..... and maybe the guy who fixed the leek turned it on ?? sorry am not much help here
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its a worcester greenstar junior.... does have a echo button but dont know if on or not ...dare not touch ???
well if you daren't touch anything you are kinda stuffed.....have you got a manual?
Eco mode, if your model has one is normally a green light on panel behind the drop down door on the lower front. The light combines a switch, press on it, it should go out if it’s aluminated green, and the boiler should light and keep a storage of hot instant water.
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thank you are being very helpful here.
yes there is a button,,, there is no light...
i havent tried pushing i push it and it turns green then I guess it wasnt on in the first place,,???
I had a similar problem with my old boiler a while back. It was 'cycling', i.e. it would heat the water, then cut out, then heat, then cut out, etc. This was due to a furred-up heat exchanger within the boiler, which meant that it (the heat exchanger) would reach overheat temperature really quickly, causing the safety mechanism to operate, i.e. the water would stop being heated until the heat exchanger had cooled down (only a matter of seconds). The only options I had were to either have the heat exchanger replaced or to get a new boiler. As it was an old model I decided to bite the bullet and have the whole thing replaced.

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Water Doesnt Stay Hot Long Enough

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