Birds Pulling Out Plants

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atalanta | 20:42 Sun 28th Jan 2018 | Home & Garden
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One of the big tubs in my garden is full of plants which I had hoped would survive the winter. I think they are nemesia. They seem to be still alive, or would be, if it were not for birds who seem to be digging them up. I suppose they are looking for worms, but none of the other pots ( bulbs, olive trees, wallflowers, etc) is affected by this odd behaviour. The same pot was not affected last winter. I have replanted the plants five or six times, and now have left some heavy bricks on top of the soil. Does anyone have any better ideas ?


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Put netting over it
Possibly squirrels.
I brick my pots too....but birds aren't may be that there are grubs in the soil of that pot which are not in the other pots and the grubs might be eating the roots of your plants. if I had one pot singled out like that, I'd turn the pot out just in case the birds know something you don't!

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Birds Pulling Out Plants

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