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atalanta | 17:13 Mon 30th Oct 2017 | Home & Garden
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To my horror, I noticed a very thin wormy-thing with lots of legs crawling across the windowsill in my kitchen. It then started to vanish down a crack between the tiles. The crack is so thin I can hardly see it. That cavity wall is supposed to be full of insulation material, not creepy crawlies, and ( rather obviously ) I do not have access to the cavity. I can stop up this crack, but there may well be very fine cracks elsewhere, like behind sockets. How do I ensure I do not have an invasion of creepy crawlies ?


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It sounds like a silverfish. They are harmless. They like dark, damp places.
This sounds like a "one-off" centipede having a constitutional....hardly an invasion!
indeed damp and dark...
....silverfish are silvery (surprise!) and are wider at one end and narrower at the other...and aren't that, without a picture.....who knows?
If it's silverfish then ant powder works (as advised by RATTER) and seal any gaps, just in case.
Sounds like a baby giant millipede. Horrible things, giant fangs and a poisonous bite.

Can you not get a builder to make a small hole to slip a camera in there to make sure youre whole wall isn't infested with them or other insects?

Where are you? Australia?
^^^that'll help, no doubt!
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UK. And the thing was almost threadlike, at least 6cm long, with lots of little legs like little hairs. I know what silver fish are, and it was far from being a silverfish. I squirted salt on it. The salt is still there, and I am reluctant to clear it up to see what remains. ugh.
It's probably wondering why you forgot the chips.
What's this British obsession with killing almost any kind of crawling insects/bugs. Live and let live.
Because we're probably not used to our insects especially the ones that are strange and new traveling here with foreign/returning visitors usually after we've seen youtube videos of giant/creepy/poisonous creatures from abroad whipping us into a shivering and quivering fear frenzy
if you are really concerned about an 'invasion' call Rentokill.
Sounds like a centipede, no need to kill it, it won't do any harm.
The unseasonably warm weather has brought out lots of insects that we do not normally see at this time of year. There were Ladybirds and caterpillars in our garden at the weekend.

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