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albaqwerty | 11:32 Thu 12th Oct 2017 | Home & Garden
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Anyone any recommendations please for brand/value for money?

We're hoping our new-to-us one will be delivered if not today, then tomorrow and we've never had one before.


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That's a luxury. I want a dishwasher due to my appalling inability to do the dishes. I just can't get around to doing it.
I find (and I have tried em all) that you get what you pay for. I use Finish Quantum and Finish rinse aid. Tried Fairy (which is supposed to be the best) and didn't find it as good.
I'd go for Finish or Fairy. I can confirm from experience that the cheap supermarket ones I have bought for the work's dishwasher are very sub-standard on anything other than lightly soiled glasses etc. Stuff just comes out still stained (mugs etc) and the real bargain basement ones are useless.
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the 2 young uns clubbed together and bought me one, they are good boys to their mum :-)))
Finish Quantum every time - I but them when they are on special offer so that I have a good stock of them.
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cheers folks.
I'll go for Finish, bet I'll get it wrong tho :-)

Am quite looking forward to the 'who turn is it to load/unload?' conversations
Just make sure you don't put any "good" glasses in it - they will go cloudy, albeit slowly.
I very much like Aldi's all in one tablets.
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ooh, good tip, thanks bhg.
We're as common as muck it seems because we use Aldi's and never get a problem with anything coming out dirty and they're cheap as chips :)
If you do decide you want the big brand tablets, check the prices before you buy - they are always on offer somewhere.

I use mysupermarket to track that sort of thing down
Dishwasher tablets are the one thing I never buy unless they are discounted. I use any and all sorts without a problem. Remember the salt and rinseaid too xx
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unfortunately, I can't get to Aldi's easily, but I reckon each person will have their own preference.

We're lucky to have soft water but since the boys told me, I've had the annoying 'washing machines last longer with Calgon' as an ear-worm and quite what that has to do with a dish-washer is anyone's guess lol
And I put a cleaner through on a hot wash every now and then.
Finish or Fairy 3 in 1.

I recently got a bag of Fairy, 61 washes, £7...which is really good (B&M)

I still use salt and rinse aid as advised by a repairman. Both cheap anyway.
I’ve had noughnof paying the exorbitant amount of money for Finish and the rest of them. I go to Lidl or Aldi now and get 60, yes, 60 tablets, for about £4.

No difference in the cleanliness of the dishes, at a fraction of the cost.

I’ve been paying over the top for, years. No more.
Pixie...funny you should mention that. I bought a DW cleaner and all I can read is that it says 'dishwasher cleaner' on the front. Cannot read one single word of the instructions. I'll have to wait for OH to get home.
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I'm getting scared now....

next silly question, is it salt especially for dish-washers or just ordinary salt?
Especially for dishwashers and will be in the same section.
Special dishwasher salt

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