Cedar Tree Wood Against Moths - Which **t Y P E* Of Ct Oil To Replenish?

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gl556tr | 12:05 Tue 10th Oct 2017 | Home & Garden
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Although one can 'reactivate' Cedar Tree wood against moths by sand-papering the pieces of wood, I have been advised that that I should get a CT oil to replenish the efficacy of them.
Alas, I have forgotten the name of the specific species of CT from which one should obtain the required oil.
Has anybody experience of this particular means of defence against moths - and the name of the CT species?
Thank you.


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Atlas Cedar...Cedrus Atlantica is the one that repels all manner of pests, accoding to my essential oil bible....
It used to be customary to make blanket chests of cedarwood to keep moths away. Its effectiveness didn't fade. However, wooden balls saturated in oil do fade, as I know from experience. It may be that the wood is not cedar, but only the oil which the wood has been dipped into. Now you can get oils of all kinds from Baldwins near the elephant and castle.
OH recommends these people....genuine oils at a fraction of the above price, and free delivery....
My personal choice of cedar wood, would be the 'wester red cedar' (Thuja plicata). They make some lovely cedar box's on the west coast of British Columbia, which have steam-bent corners and are used for storing blankets etc.
Rather than buying oils, you could use some clipings of foliage of this conifer and put a few sprigs in your drawers, lavender can also be used in exactly in the same way.
Sorry - should say ^ western^

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Cedar Tree Wood Against Moths - Which **t Y P E* Of Ct Oil To Replenish?

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