Banging radiators

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davidbrt | 14:41 Tue 25th Oct 2005 | Home & Garden
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How do you stop this happening?! I have gone round and bled them all, but they keep banging ! Must be something I can do myself without a plumber coming round and shaking his head..!


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i recently had a plumber in to check mine and he said it could either be a blockage, i had a blockage (air) between my boiler and the living room radiator and it was causing an awful racket even when i only had the hot water on. i dont think you can do anything yourself and may need to get a plumber in
Did you run the system REALLY hot before bleeding? I have found that bleeding them when they are at normal operating temp doesn't clear all the air, you need to get it up to tropical verging on hell, run them like that for about 20 mins, then bleed.
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I will try the "tropical verging on hell" approach later!!
ooh sounds nice lol (not really)
You can buy a radiator silencer cartridge which you squirt this gunk into one radiator through the bleed valve. I got it from Plumb Centre but l think Homebase has it too. I did it about over year ago and no probs ever since.

If the banging is originating at the boiler, it could be caused by kettling in which the pump is not pumping the water away from the boiler fast enough and so the water boils and causes the banging. I had this and had to have the pump replaced.

A very common source of banging is thermoststic rad valves if the noise starts after system has been on for a while go to each rad (where a thermostatic valve is fitted) & adjust the temperature up or down if it goes away then that valve is faulty & is incorrectly orientated

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Banging radiators

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